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Creative Scholarship

The Lake


August Reynolds

Virginia Tech, US
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The Lake was penned from the bitter-sweet idea that unlocked, past memories cannot be brought back no matter how good they were, or how hard one wishes for their return. All we can do is look back. Nothing more.

How to Cite: Reynolds, A., 2021. The Lake. Philologia, 13(1), pp.25–27. DOI:
  Published on 17 May 2021
 Accepted on 29 Mar 2021            Submitted on 29 Mar 2021
there used to be a lake here
up on this lonely mountain
one with life — fish, plants,
algae, fisherman, swimmers,
the works
yes, there used to be a lake
up here
i have never seen it any other
way. never in person, at least.
for me, it has always been more
like a pond, or less.
my friends and i used to come up
here almost every weekend —
we would hike
skip stones
steal local boats and sail around
pretending to be pirates or
wandering traders —
hoping to pick up a lady or two…
my friend managed that once,
i didn’t
there used to be life up here
i remember my friends jacking
a local canoe one day. red in color. and
taking it out on the water
on a foggy afternoon;
there was little room for me
so i stayed behind and watched
fifty feet out they had faded into
the white that had
engulfed everything only moments
they faded into nothing much like
the lake had
i long to go back now to
our wild and young days to a
time before inept leadership,
a time before debt,
a time before addiction,
a time before mistakes.
i know what i long for will
never arrive, much like those
who knew the lake at its peak
may never again see it full
but none of this stops me
from wanting it
none of this stops me from
keeping its memory alive here,
with you
both, a relic of the past
only to be cherished.
oh, how there used to be life
up here on this now desolate

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