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A few notes of acknowledgement for those who contributed to this issue.
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  Published on 17 May 2021
 Accepted on 31 Mar 2021            Submitted on 31 Mar 2021

From the Student Editorial Board

Jessica Calvert
Professional and Technical Writing; English; Creative Writing
Minor in Leadership and Social Change
Grace Robinson
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Economics
Minor in International Studies
Harlee Fuhrman
Associate Editor
English; Business Management Consulting and Analysis
Andrew Denton
Associate Editor
English with a Pre-Education option
Minors in Music; History
Shae Mullins
Associate Editor
Communication Science and Social Inquiry
Minor in Political Science
Mackenzie Williams
Associate Editor
Multimedia Journalism
Minors in International Studies; Spanish
Emily Warwick
Associate Editor
International Relations; Public and Urban Affairs with a concentration in Global Development
Minors in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Global Food Security and Health; Spanish
Sumaiya Haque
Associate Editor
Industrial Systems Engineering; Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Molly McNulty
Marketing Editor
Communication Science and Social Inquiry with a cognate in Marketing

From the College and Faculty Review Board

Monica Kimbrell
Assistant Dean
Daniel Thorp
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Debra Stoudt
Associate Dean for Policy and Faculty Affairs
Nancy Metz
Joseph Pitt
Lucinda Roy
Carolyn Shivers
Human Development and Family Sciences
Robert Stephens
Matthew Vollmer

Competing Interests

The publisher is committed to transparent and bias-free research. To ensure that all publications are as open as possible all authors, reviewers and editors are required to declare any interests that could appear to compromise, conflict or influence the validity of the publication. This process is designed to reinforce the readers’ trust in the research data.

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