Cold rain on a warm beautiful day
Reminds of that afternoon on the Potomac.

We laughed at my inability to throw a frisbee
While smiles naturally crept upon both of us -
We were in shorts and a t-shirt
Making our way to the waterfall,
Hand in hand, soaking in our bliss.

I slipped on a rock
And fell into the beginning of the river.
You immediately lifted me up and
Soothed my emotional embarrassment and slight pain With the sweetest kisses
And your insistence to walk behind me on the way back
So you could catch me in case I fell again.

The pain in my rear from hitting the rock no longer mattered –
Your eyes told me all I wanted in life.

Rain cut our afternoon at the waterfall short,
We ran back to the parking lot,
Laughing at nature’s impeccable timing and
How even nature couldn’t destroy our happiness.

Everything was wet,
My toes, legs, and car seat.
We went back to my house and
Warmed up in a hot bath.

The perfect day, despite all its flaws.
Nature couldn’t ruin us,
Not even the most intense monsoon, thunder, or increasing distance
Would ever be a threat.

I would have never predicted you leaving as soon as you found an easier love
That allowed you to enjoy cold rain on wet warm beautiful day
Every day, instead of once a summer.

Cold rain on a warm beautiful day.
The best day, the worst.

Photograph of Natasha Chadha

About the Author

Natasha Chadha is a senior from McLean, Virginia majoring in English (Pre-Education and Creative Writing) with a minor in Leadership and Social Change. After graduation she will pursue a Masters in Education and ultimately hopes to become a high school English teacher and published author.