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Reading: Synthesis Paper – Speech Development


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Synthesis Paper – Speech Development


Olivia Nelson


This paper examines the speech development of a case study child, H.D. (initials for confidentiality reasons), a three-year old in the Child Development Center of Learning and Research at Virginia Tech. The observations used throughout this paper are based on twenty hours of service learning hours over a ten-week period. H.D.’s speech development was based on the notions that speech is connected to thought in children, teacher-student dialogue enhances a child’s ability to communicate, and clinical judgments are used to determine a child’s potential communication barriers. Based off research, it was determined that H.D. is right on track with his speech development. 

How to Cite: Nelson, O., 2016. Synthesis Paper – Speech Development. Philologia, 8, p.None. DOI:
Published on 14 Apr 2016.


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