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Reading: Case Study: Portrayal of Fort Hood Shooters


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Case Study: Portrayal of Fort Hood Shooters


Tyler Gass

About Tyler
Tyler is a senior from Haymarket, Virginia. He is studying Political Science, Sociology, and History with the hopes of attending law school next fall.
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This case study draws into question if the media covers mass killings differently based on the whether the perpetrator is Muslim or non-Muslim. This paper examines the way media covers these incidents through comparrison of two separate shootings at Fort Hood less than 5 years apart. Both the similarities and differences among the media coverage are analyzed as some light is shed on this important discussion.
How to Cite: Gass, T., 2016. Case Study: Portrayal of Fort Hood Shooters. Philologia, 8, p.None. DOI:
Published on 14 Apr 2016.


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